What is PR ?

Purpose of Programme Review
  • To install confidence in programme offering entity's capacity to safeguard standards, both internally and externally, through a transparent process.
  • To provide systematic, clear, and accessible information on the standards and quality claimed by a programme offering entity so as to inform the choices and decisions of potential students, employers, funding bodies and other users
  • To provide confidence on public that the quality and standards of its programmes of study are being achieved and maintained
  • To make sure in providing appropriate environment for delivery of quality study programmes.
  • To evaluate the quality of student learning at programme level in greater depth focusing on curriculum, course and module planning and delivery and student support and assessment in finer detail.
Aspects of PR
  • Programme Management
  • Programme Design and Development
  • Human and Physical Resources
  • Course/Module Design and Development
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Learning Environment, Student Support and Progression
  • Student Assessment and Awards
  • Innovative and Healthy Practices