Circulars & Publications

  1. Application for Approval of UG & PG Programs
  2. Cadre Alloction for the Internal Quality Assurance Units (IQAUs) of Universities
  3. Ethics and Academic Accountability for the Academic Satff in Sri Lankan University System
  4. Finalization and Publication of external review Reports
  5. Guidelines for Conducting IRs and PRs
  6. Payment for Evaluation of PG Programs
  7. PR in State Universities -2017 (1)
  8. Score Card for IQAUs
  9. UGC Circular 04/2015 : Strengthening of IQA systems in universities and HEIs through establishment of Internal Quality Assurance Units
  10. UGC Circular 09/2019 : Further Strengthening of Internal Quality Assurance Systems in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions
  11. UGC Circular 04/2021 : Introduction of early exit or Fall-back qualifications for an existing Undergraduate/Postgraduate programme of study
  12. UGC Circular 05/2021 : Recognition of prior learning,credit transfer and lateral entry in the context of SLQF 2015