Message of the Executive Director/ Centre for Gender Equity/Equality, UGC:

We call on universities to lead the way for zero tolerance in gender inequity and gender based violence.



Campus violence has prevailed for decades in the universities. Various adhoc measures have been tried by universities with different levels of success but have failed to create a positive and sustained organizational culture that is zero tolerant of ragging and sexual and gender based violence

While the work of the UGC, through its Standing Committee on Gender Equity/Equality(GEE),will include developing   overarching policies  that will create the required macro framework to promote a violence free university system,  universities are expected to undertake empowering, engaging and educating  their staff and students of all gender identities to explore, celebrate and educate the campus community about gender equality and to lead the way for zero tolerance in ragging and sexual and  gender based violence.(SGBV)

The UGC Centre for Gender Equity / Equality (CGEE) is the implementation arm of the Standing Committee on GEE. University Grants Commission launched CGEE in September 2016.The Goal of CGEE is to promote gender equity and equality in Sri Lankan universities by facilitating the establishment of gender sensitive cultures and university environments which allow students and staff of universities to persue their learning and work without oppression and discrimination.

The launch of Gender Centre of  the UGC is a call to action, and a message of the urgency  and importance of achieving gender equality and prevention of ragging and SGBV in Sri Lankan university system. The CGEE will leave no stone unturned to achieve its goal

Emeritus Professor Uma Coomaraswamy