Budget and Plan of Action – 2017


The most fundamental problems affecting university life today is violence. The ritual of ragging imposes a culture of servility, submission and complacence. Mental and physical harassment and sexual and gender based violence including murder are carried out in the guise of ragging. Many students unable to cope give up their dreams of higher education while some commit suicide. However ragging and gender-based violence remains a hidden practice underreported fearing retribution from seniors, and its perpetrators under penalized, despite the penal code and other laws that reinforce its gravity as a criminal action.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) through the Standing Committee on Gender Equity/Equality (GEE) appointed in October 2015 and the Centre for Gender Equity/Equality established in September 2016 embarked on a significant and timely national initiative with the aim of creating a violence-free safer place where students and staff dignity and equal rights are ensured, with an underlying principle of zero tolerance of ragging and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV)

Plan of Action on addressing ragging and SGBV adopts a holistic three – pronged approach of Prevention, intervention and Policy Advocacy

Progress made

  • Standing Committee of GEE was established on October 2015.
  • Centre for Gender Equity/Equality (CGEE) with a Director within University Grants Commission has been established.
  • Gender cells / committee with universities established and policies in place in number of universities.
  • Contributed to multi-sectoral workshops on “Policy Framework and National Plan of Action to address Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Sri Lanka” organized by Ministry of Women and Child Affairs .
  •  A centralised Online Complaints System for both students and staff to file complaints of ragging on-line has been established in collaboration with the UGC of India. It is housed at the UGC under its management. It is operational across the 15 Sri Lankan State Universities.Awareness creation on Online Complaints Mechanism for university executives (Council members, Vice-Chancellors, Registrars and Deans of all state universities) on the newly established Online Complaints System. Students too are being informed of it and encouraged to report. Students are filing complaints of ragging on the Online Complaints System. UGC is monitoring it with the Universities.• It is compulsory now that students and the parents be made to sign a form online (affidavit) saying that they understand the Anti-Ragging Act and will submit to penalties imposed under the Act.
Focus Area Strategies Outcomes Key Activities Output Indicators Time Frame Budget Rs. Mn  
                                                              Prevention                                                             5 Million  
1. Awareness creation, sensitization and capacity building of policy makers, management staff at all levels and students. 1.1 Sensitization, awareness raising and capacity building of policy makers, management, and staff at all levels on gender equity/equality and strategizing to prevent SGBV and ragging. 1.1 Policy makers, management and Staff committed and involved in preventing SGBV and ragging. 1.1.1 Sensitization and awareness programmes on GEE and SGBV for policy makers, management staff. # of awareness/sensitization session conducted.                                                 # of staff aware and trained on SGBV and its prevention.                                                                             # of TOT held and numbers attended.                                                              # of policy makes and staff attended. Jan. – June 2017 5 Million
1.1.2 Conduct innovative leadership and gender quality promotion programmes for staff and students. # of promotion sessions held for students and number attended.                                                               # of session held for staff and number attended.                                                       # engaged in innovative dialogue. Jan. – March 2017
1.2 Gender sensitization and emowerment of female and male students to prevent and counter SGBV and ragging. 1.2 Staff and students of universities  are empowered to prevent and say no to SGBV / ragging and perpetrators  counselled to prevent repetition of such acts. 1.2.1 Facilitate universities to mainstream gender education (SGBV, masculinities) into university curriculum and create the necessary incentives for the effective gender mainstreaming. curriculum for gender mainstreaming developed.                                                            # of handbooks distributed for universities.                                                        # of univerties teaching  gender aspects.                                                                                                                     # of students sensitized and received  training. (F/M) Jan.  – June 2017
1.2.2 Promote education on sexuality among students in the universities. # of programmes on sex education developed.                                                              # of handbooks distribute to universities.                                                                            # of universities teaching sex education.                                                                                                                                                 # of Students sensitized and educated. Jan. – June 2017
1.2.3 Facilitate universities to develop a code of conduct for students. # of universities with a code of conduct  for students.                                                                                   # of students made a aware to the code of conduct.                                                                                          Monitoring mechanism for compliance by  students. Aug. – Dec 2017
1.2.4 Conduct wide awareness on ragging and its physical and psychological consequences and legal aspects among students population. # of awareness programmes / events within universities an inter university on anti ragging and the consique.                                                                                                           # of student attended.                                                               # of students sensitized towards zero tolarums for ragging and SGBV.                                                                     # of diogue promoted in univerties on SGBV. Jan. – March017
1.2.5 Engagment of media in the social dialogue on gender equity/equality and SGBV at different level. # of media programmes on GEE and SGBV.                                                                           Videos/poster campaigns. Jan. – June 2017
1.2.6 Develop and disseminate standardized handbooks on gender and SGBV. # of hands books developed.                                      Number distribute to  universities.                                                                                    # of universities  teaching gender aspects. June – Aug. 2017
1.2.7 Develop and incorporate interactive training modules on gender and SGBV in regular training programmes, counselling, guidance training (staff and students. including trainers) Interactive training modules on gender and SGBV                                                               # of training packs with SGBV modules, handbook , audio visual, DVD developed.                                                                                                                                                                # of training programmes on counselling.                                                                  # of staff trainng programmes.                                             # of SDCs that discus SGBV as crucial issue. June – Aug. 2017
Focus Area Strategies Outcomes Key Activities Output Indicators Time Frame Budget Rs. Mn  
                                                                           Intervention                                            3 Million
2.  Service provision for prevention of SGBV / ragging and for survivors of SGBV and ragging. 2.1 Establish / strengthen, disseminate  and implement formal / informal confidential mechanisms for saff/ students reporting and handling ragging and SGBV. 2.1 Students and staff encouraged and willing to report ragging/SGBV incidence and access grievance handling mechanisms. 2.1.1 Facilitate Universities to develop and disseminate guidelines on setting up grievance mechanisms for SGBV (formal/informal)in all Universities.  #  /(%) of universities with policies / guidelines for SGBV.                                                                                        #/ (%) of universities  that follow the policy  / guidelines. Jan. – June 2017 3 Million
2.1.2 Strengthen/ establish and  provide easy access to  grievance handling mechanisms including online system effectively. # of awareness raising on grievance reporting system.                                                                                     # of universities that have instituted grivance handling mechanism.                                                         # of complaints received ( call/ web, email,)                                                                      # of cases handled through grievance mechanism.                                                                # of grievance committee established and receiving complaints. Jan. – June 2017
2.1.3 Create awareness on the grievance handling mechanism among student and staff population and promote and encourage complaints/ reporting. # of  awareness programmes.                                                     #  of complaints received and attended to by the universities. Jan. – June 2017
2.2 Ensure staff and student friendly and easily accessible services for survivors of ragging  and SGBV. 2.2 student friendly services for ragging and SGBV survivors are in place and easily accessible by the survivors. 2.2.1 Facilitate Universities to set up a hotline for students and staff to access information / referral / services including psycho-social support. # (%) of universities with a hotline / call centre or receiving complains.                                                           # (%) of referrals done.                                                          # of Students accessing hot line.                                      # (%) universities with professional counsellors. June – Dec. 2017
2.3 Implementation of a mechanism for managing information and data system on  gender/SGBV. 2.3 Database on gender disaggregated data for using policy making. 2.3.1Trainning the hotline operators to respond to SGBV and link to counsellor of the particular universities. # of training programmes.                                                                                              # of operators trained.                                                            # of universities linking hotline operator to the professional counsellors. June – Aug. 2017
2.3.2 Capacitate and develop a protocol to address SGBV for university medical units to ensure effective services to students/ SGBV. # of medical units using SGBV protocol. Jan. – June 2017
2.3.1 Setting up and maintain a database on gender disaggregated data. Data base on gender disaggregated  data at CGEE.                                                        # of universities with a data base. June – Aug. 2017
Focus Area Strategies Outcomes Key Activities Output Indicators Time Frame Budget Rs. Mn  
                                                                   Policy Advocacy                                               2 Million  
  3.  Zero tolerance policies on gender equity equality to address SGBV / ragging. 3.1 Ensure a
comprehensive Policy response for Gender Equity / Equality and Prevention of SGBV / ragging.
3.1 Affective policy in place within higher education sector to address gender inequalities and prevention of SGBV / ragging and reflected in the Corporate Plans. 3.1.1 Develop and Roll-out a Policy on gender equity/equality and prevention of SGBV/ragging.  # of policy dialogues / discussion held within universities.                                                                 # of academics attending awareness training.                                                             # of meetings among academic in gender policy formulation.                                                                                            # of  universities adopting the gender policy.                                                                                                                        # of universities with GEE focal points (centre/committee/cell) committees setup on monitoring policy and guide line on addressing sexual harassment. Jan. – March 2017 2 Million
3.1.2 Develop a policy link between gender policy and  circular No. 919 on ragging. Gender policy link to circular No. 919 on ragging. Jan. – March 2017